How I Made $8000 Just Spending 15 to 20 Minutes from MY Blogging | Google Adsense Digital Marketing Want to know Secret?

How I Made $8000 Just Spending 15 to 20 Minutes Want to know Secret?

Hello friends,
My name is Pankaj Kumar Meena, and today I am going to share my wonderful journey of attaining huge success through the project named, which was initially highly criticized, by my friends and family and they had also objected to my decision regarding the choice of name and topic selection too.

However, despite all adversities, I did not give up and even did not bother to listen to anyone. Following my heart, strong aspiration and willingness to feel the charisma of digital power as heard from the people, I pursued it.

Though I have read the case studies of successful digital marketers those who are not only earning millions every month from Google Adsense and advertisements but also established themselves in this industry as emerging stars.

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I was highly invigorated, as these persons have lived up to their dreams then why can’t I?
This journey began with a great twist that happened during the marriage function of my brother in law
Where invitees were crazy to listen to the numbers of Sapna Chaudhary who is a renowned dancing diva from Haryana.

Even though I was so curious to know more about Sapna and with that enthusiasm, I started to ask people at the function.

However, I did not allow my curiosity to be finished on this occasion. I started to find the stats of the users who usually search on Google about this “Star”.
In addition, the astonishing stats revealed in front of me as approximately 63000 were searching per month for Sapna Chaudhary.

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I was seeking to start working on this project however the biggest challenge was to find the name of the domain. As I thought and realized that if I get the domain on Sapna Chaudhary then the competition and cost will be very high.

Therefore, I appended the dance with her name then it became sapna+dance and domain name I bought with the name of

However, I am willing to mention one thing here as before buying that domain I extensively searched to know about the platforms and website those are already running on Sapna’s name on the internet.
If I could not find such sources that are related to this project then many of them on the internet is going to find about the biography and his life journey.

In spite of all condemnation from the friends and close ones regarding this domain name. However, I was determined to start this project as let the people do their work and I will do my work.

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In the beginning, I designed and structured the whole project by myself on the CMS named WordPress.

I did not hesitate to enter the new skill shop. When I had started I just had my own skills and experience those pushed me to go ahead with this project.

I was dedicated and put my sincere efforts to bring the availability of this project and finally, I received my first earning from Google in the fourth month after the commencement.

Then I felt motivated by seeing my first income. Thereafter I realized the competition in the market on this topic. Then I built my effective approach to stand in this Frey to attain the top position on Google Searches.

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This whole could happen just because of my own honest efforts for this project Nevertheless I was getting opinions while on the journey to make myself correct.

In last but not least if you have strong determination and true aspiration to do anything then you have to first believe in yourself and get down to achieve your dreams as I did and have been living all my days with the success since then.

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