benefits of Instagram marketing

What are the benefits of Instagram marketing?

Right now, more than 80% of marketers believe that social networks are important for their businesses and use them in one way or another. But why consider the benefits of Instagram marketing as an alternative? What does this network have that others do not have? Let’s face the truth.

Why Instagram as a marketing tool?

Maybe until now you have been focusing on others to share content, news related to your sector or even job offers for your company, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But, in this post, we will tell how the benefits of Instagram marketing can bring to your online marketing strategy

Increase of traffic to your website

Instagram is a platform where it is relatively easy to get visibility. This can be done in several ways – adding the URL of your website in the biography of your Instagram profile, adding a watermark with the URL in the photos, adding it to the location of the photo, hanging photos from the last blog posts, the latest products launched, customer reviews, etc. to get all the benefits of Instagram marketing, you have to keep in mind that the first thing to get traffic to your website in this way is to attract visitors to your Instagram profile.

24×7 engagement

Another among the other benefits of Instagram marketing is that Instagram is a 24×7 platform. Users are constantly looking for new content, weekdays and weekends. The hashtags are the best weapon for increased engagement.

Instagram will always be a good option to make your company, brand, product or service more transparent and open. There are also some other benefits of Instagram marketing such as humanize your brand, know and reach your audience, reach new audiences, feed the rest of your marketing channels, generate sales at a low cost, employer branding, etc.

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