benefits of mobile marketing

What are the important benefits of mobile marketing?

During the last decade, the mobile phone has acquired an unquestionable prominence in our lives. It has become an essential element for most, as it allows to be connected at any time and in any place. Currently, the trend in the advertising market points to the search for combined effectiveness and efficiency. Reaching the target audience is more important than reaching as many people as possible. This is where all the benefits of mobile marketing come into play. That is why technologies that allow more direct and personalized communications are booming.

Informed entrepreneurs are aware of this new prism in advertising communication. For this reason, the investment made by marketing campaigns in unconventional media already exceeds that of conventional media. There are many benefits of mobile marketing.

Savings and segmentation

benefits of mobile marketingWith the benefits of mobile marketing, you can reach the target audience with a lower cost per impact than the use of other advertising media. The advertiser can easily reach his target audience with the selection of certain criteria such as age, sex, studies, and hobbies.


benefits of mobile marketingPersonalization is another feature among the other benefits of mobile marketing. Certain messages can be sent exclusively to groups of consumers with similar socio-demographic characteristics or grouped according to common needs, thus moving from mass marketing to one-to-one marketing.

Ubiquity, immediacy and convenience

benefits of mobile marketingThe mobile is a device that users carry with them. In this way, they can be accessed at any time and in any place and, with the new advances in location, send them proposals according to their position and profile. The mobile phone market is constantly growing and it is estimated that by 2020 the number of users will be around 200 million-plus. Undoubtedly, this constitutes a wide market for an effective and potential client.

Some other benefits of mobile marketing are interactivity, speed ​​and adaptability, and complementary medium.

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