What is Blog Commenting

What is Blog Commenting?

What is Blog Commenting?

There are numerous blogs that we go through every day, and many of us post a comment in the comment section at the end. Well, this is blog commenting only. Before the submission, it requires some basic details that it asks you to enter. These details usually include the name and your e-mail id. 

If you are a blogger who wants more attention, then you need to know that what is blog commenting in SEO and why you should learn this. To be more precise about what is blog commenting, it is a relationship between blogger and the readers of that blog post. It is the comments at the end. These could be in the form of any questions, suggestions, criticism or appraisal.  It makes the blogs interesting for the readers and helps the blogger to know about what’s in the head of their audience. It builds a closer relationship and boosts the confidence of the blogger too. With blog commenting, you can also focus on the topics that are up to your niche.

It’s a decent platform to compliment the author but keep in mind to keep it short and readable. So, in order to use this strategy for marketing, you can add the links of your website in these comment sections along with a relevant and engaging content that should not belong.

Benefits of blog commenting:

There are various reasons for you to learn what is blog commenting in SEO. Some of them are:

  1. It helps in building credible backlinks that can be a jackpot for your website. It can increase the flow of visitors on your website if you are smart enough to use it advantageously.
  2. Blog commenting enhances brand recognition when you post your name and a website link. 
  3. This aids in bonding up with fellow bloggers by creating consistency. Many clients approach you if you know what is blog commenting strategy.
  4. This can make your brand and business noticeable by proving your credibility in the specific niche.
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