What is Off-page SEO?

What is Off-page SEO?

On mentioning the Off page SEO, it refers to every activity that never happens on your website in a direct manner. Under Off page SEO, the expert indulges in the activities such as link building, local SEO as well as the most important social media. Off page SEO has always intended to bring up huge traffic on your website. Later on, it leads to an increase in the number of your leads. Also, your product is going to experience an enhanced brand image. All the activities that you have done away from the website for gaining an increased audience come under Off page SEO.

Many people just think that Off page SEO is limited to link-building. But, that’s not the case since it’s beyond that. If you are posting a guest post on any other website/blog, it means that you are doing off-page site SEO. Also, if you leave a comment on some other website/blog, it comes under Off-Page SEO. Links have always been considered as the most important elements for Google. Also, it’s quite notable that Google would never be able to determine your web page’s value if it has got no links.

Benefits of Off page SEO:

Now that, you have got to know about what is Off page SEO, we have come up with some of its benefits. They are mentioned below:

  • Off page SEO leads to an increase in your website rank in the various SERPs. It would also help in getting more traffic.
  • With the help of Off page SEO, your Page rank is going to increase.
  • Off page SEO also helps in gaining greater exposure since your website is going to rank in one of the most topmost positions.
  • Google always ranks those websites on the top, which are able to demonstrate expertise and authority. Thus, with your website on the top, you would be able to establish trustworthiness.


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