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Instagram is one of the most popular social Media platforms used by People. There are currently millions of users across the world. Now days, it is popular platform used by Digital Marketers to promote product and services. It helps in increasing brand Awareness of the company. Pankaj Kumar SEO is a leading Instagram Marketing Institute which provides Instagram Marketing training in Delhi to students at affordable price. Our Professional train students from the scratch to the expert level. They also prepare students for the interviews and Resume building that helps them to get excellent job.

Benefits of learning Instagram Marketing Course

If you are working as an individual or as a company the Instagram is the new trend in the world of social media. If provides good groth to the individual or the companies. Most of the people prefer using Instagram instead of using facebook or other platforms of social media. There are a lot of other benefits of using Instagram as a marketing platform. 

Instagram Marketing Course

Need to Learn

The Demand for Social Media professionals has been increased day by day as compared to its supply in Market. There are a very few social media experts left in the market. By learning this course you will able to get job in Top IT and Digital Marketing Agencies with a good pay.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Marketing is a new form of advertising and marketing strategies that advertisers use to reach the target audience. Instagram allows brands to post videos and photos that can be reached out to people through Instagram promotions.

It is first essential to understand that research is necessary, and it is also vital to realize that some courses are worth the money you put in while some are not, so it is better to research courses beforehand and then go for it.

There are two ways through which these courses make money:

-By becoming an affiliate in the industry and making money through selling other brands’ products.

-Doing sponsored posts for brands that want to get in touch with the audience.

  • There are various coaching institutes and classes that teach about social media marketing and various other marketing courses. One such institute is managed by Mr. Pankaj Kumar SEO, which is an expert in the industry and can help you when it comes to guiding and learning about these marketing strategies.

Yes, social media marketing is flourishing at an impeccable rate today. Every other young generation kid today uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With this, you can make out what the future will hold and how much it will demand Instagram marketers.

He has an official website, “,” where the contact details, the functioning of his coaching classes, and all the other courses in his institute are all explained. There on his website, his email Id is also mentioned. You can also apply for a demo to understand more carefully about the institute and staff.

-Content writing.

-Creativity and imagination.

-Ability to connect with the audience.

-Updated knowledge of what is trending.

The average salary depends on the company or brand you work for and usually depends on a contract or project basis. But generally, if you work in an advertising agency as a marketer, the average salary ranges from 18-20 k per month.

Instagram is one of the best sites that brands use for the promotion of their brands or services. And since a larger group of people uses it, many businesses hunt for Instagram Marketers that know this field, which is why the demand for Instagram Marketing will increase. If you have a career in this field, it is likely to receive a boost.

Yes, Instagram Marketing is a short term course that is offered by Mr.Pankaj Kumar SEO’s coaching institute, where he guides and teaches how to creatively build a strategy for brands and business and also helps you if you decide to work as a freelancer.

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