PPC Course Noida

What do we mean by PPC?

PPC course Noida proffered by Mr. Pankaj Kumar teaches the meaning of PPC. PPC stands for pay-per-click and is used to increase the online traffic of the websites. It is an online advertising program that allows the advertisers to incorporate their ads on the website and pay each time a visitor clicks on their ad. It is a way to allure the visitors to your sites rather than earning the visitors.  A winning PPC campaign takes a lot of hard work, like researching the right keywords and phrases and formulating and incorporating them into the content.

Factors determining the success of your PPC campaign

The number of times your ad comes on the site depends on the keywords and phrases chosen by you. Thus, the success of your PPC campaigns is influenced by the following factors, as taught in the PPC training Noida:

  • Choice of relevant keywords and phrases: The ad text should be proper with related keyword lists and sentences. The choice of appropriate keywords determines the online traffic directed towards the website.
  • Creative: The as copy should be enticing and compelling to allure the visitors to be moved by the content. Monotonous content only annoys the visitors and pays no rewards.
  • Landing Page Quality: The landing page quality should be optimized with a clear call to action and ambiguous content.
  • Quality score: Google’s rating of the quality of your keywords and phrases, your landing page quality, and the PPC ads is known as the quality score. A good quality score allures more audience

Skills taught by the PPC course of Mr. Pankaj Kumar’s Institute

Mr. Pankaj Kumar SEO’s Institute is the best PPC institute Noida. The website of this institute is www.pankajkumarseo.com. This online institute teaches the following skills through their PPC course:

  • Understand various aspects of PPC
  • Analyze the market shared by each search engine.
  • Compare the keywords and reuse them in your marketing techniques.
PPC Course

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