Difference Between Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – Which One is More Effective 2020

In this highly competitive world, who doesn’t want to gain recognition? Every kind of business whether big or small is struggling to get leads, enhance clientele base and favourable outcomes. Well, it is because they are presently quite confused between what to choose for marketing- traditional marketing or digital marketing?

Some are in favour of traditional while others are extensively supporting digital marketing. Each one of them has a different reason behind their choice and they are quite confident in explaining the same. Apart from that, they are also quite confused about thinking about their budget. They hardly know what would suit their budget the most, digital marketing or traditional marketing. On mentioning the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, there are some noteworthy pointers.

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Maintaining a budget is a very important step for every business but the owner needs to ensure that he is spending the same in the right direction. Also, gaining a higher Return of Investment with the same is a crucial aspect. Reaching out to your target audience is not at all easy. While choosing the best marketing plan for a product, you must know about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

There are various aspects with which you can start differentiating between these two terms in no time. They are mentioned below. Read on further…

Traditional Marketing is considered to be one of the most commonly used methods of marketing since the inception of advertisements. During the days, when marketing was in its initial stage, traditional marketing was used as a highly important concept.


Digital Marketing refers to a procedure of marketing a brand and its products with the usage of many digital channels. This is a new age marketing method and majorly uses the Internet for its functioning. It is known to give a wider customer base and a huge platform to reach a targeted audience.

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  • Forms:

Traditional Marketing is known to be a marketing activity that primarily uses a good number of forms to promote a product. These are as follows:

  • Flyers
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Magazine ads
  • Billboard advertising


Digital Marketing involves the usage of many forms for promoting a brand. Each one of them is important and has benefitted the users:

  • Paid pop-up ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Promoting via business networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Cost:

While discussing the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, how can we even forget the cost?

Traditional Marketing is costlier since it includes the usage of television and newspaper advertisements for promotion.


Digital Marketing is affordable and lesser in cost since it involves the usage of the Internet. The Internet is a user-friendly place.

  • Results:

On comparing the aspects of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, you need to have a deeper insight into the desired results.

Traditional Marketing is known to lesser conversion rate. According to many surveys, this tactic of marketing has not seen quick results.


Digital Marketing is highly beneficial and it always provides quick results. Apart from that, you can also measure the number of visitors and bounce rate of your website in no time.

  • Brand Image:

Whenever a difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is discussed, the first thing that strikes our mind is brand development.

Traditional Marketing undoubtedly enhances a brand image but not to the extent that it is done by digital marketing. In traditional marketing, you would just get a column of a publication for your promotion. There is a lower frequency of advertisements and also, space is limited.


Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that would provide an expanded platform to users. Instead of just a small column in a newspaper or a magazine, you would formulate a whole website to promote your business. Also, with the help of social media, you can reach out to your target audience with no hassle. Thus, here your brand’s promotion would be very high.

  • Exposure:

The difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing could be explained with the exposure gained by the brand too.

Traditional Marketing would let your product reach a specific group of audience. Whether you are promoting your product via television or newspaper advertisements, the audience would only belong to a certain area or a region. Thus, the exposure would be limited.

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Digital Marketing helps in gaining high exposure since it is based on online advertising. The Internet has a huge audience and thus, with the help of Digital Marketing, you are going to gain access to many users irrespective of the regions they live in.

  • Engagement:

Well, audience engagement matters a lot! On knowing about what is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, you must be well aware of their user engagement.

Traditional Marketing has never proved to be a good base for communicating with your audience. This just lowers down the chances of your audience engagement. In the case of traditional marketing, you’ll have to wait for the audience’s response and then move on to another step.


Digital Marketing has always ensured a higher user engagement. The digital marketing strategies are going to give you a chance for interacting with your potential audience. Also, you’ll be able to gain notable feedbacks from your users via digital platforms too.

  • Users:

The difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing also lies in users. Here’s how:

Traditional Marketing is not accessible by the start-ups as well as small businesses since it is way too expensive. Apart from that, the reach of traditional marketing is limited.


Digital Marketing is cheaper and thus, affordable by every start-up and small-sized businesses too. Even a handful of staff members can give recognition to the product with Digital Marketing.

  • Analytics:

While thinking about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, you can also compare analytics.

Traditional Marketing does not give the user a chance to know about its effect on your target audience. For knowing about the response, you shall have to keep on waiting for the leads and conversions.

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Digital Marketing shall allow measuring the results of the marketing efforts via its easy analytics. With these analytics, the user shall be able to calculate inbound traffic, bounce rate, profit, interested people and general trend too.

  • Publicity:

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing largely vary from one another based on publicity.

Traditional Marketing provides lesser publicity to the product. This is because the audience won’t be able to know about the product until it buys a newspaper or looks at the television ads.


Digital Marketing provides huge publicity since the majority of our population is indulged in social media nowadays! Thus, there are increased chances of enhanced publicity via this marketing technique.

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