benefits of lead generation

Do you know these benefits of lead generation? Learn them here

Lead generation is a recurring issue in conversations about digital marketing. For marketing teams, this is one of the main assignments. But, how it can help your business? In this post, we will learn all the benefits of lead generation. However, in addition to generating leads, it is very important to nurture them.

Time better spent

When you give priority to the benefits of lead generation through qualification, you save a number of unproductive hours. By knowing what stage of the funnel they are in, you can execute an immediate action plan. Thus, the representatives will work for the hot prospects, while your marketing team takes advantage of automation to mature the rest.

Increase in the conversion rate

This is one of the most remarkable benefits of lead generation. A study identified that 38% of the companies surveyed, experienced greater conversion opportunities, thanks to this tool. Conversion rate is a very crucial element in digital business. With the benefits of lead, the generation you can not only target the huge number of audiences but turn them into potential customers.

Better productivity in sales and ROI

Another advantage among the other benefits of lead generation is that it accelerates your sales process, which in turn, favours your ROI. A study showed that those who use qualification have a 77% increase in lead generation, compared to those who do not use it.

Stronger customer base

With lead generation, you can build your own client and customer base. But, for that, you need to evaluate the marketing strategies, customer needs, product evaluation, and several other things. Therefore, lead scoring together with a lead maturation strategy will allow you to classify your prospects, accompany them and generate well-focused campaigns, with which they can move forward in the buying process.

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