SEO Guide For Beginners 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank 1 on Google in 2020

SEO Guide For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020

Are you a newbie into the world of SEO and looking forward to gaining a rank #1 on Google in 2020? If yes, then you are certainly in the best place. Here is a list of the top three SEO strategies that are surely going to let your rankings increase. Just ensure that you are following each one of them. It’s because they are undoubtedly going to make you ahead in the race with no hassle.

#1: Content’s the king:

You should know as well as understand that your SEO campaign can’t survive without content. Thus, you must continually keep your primary focus on the content. Do you know about Hummingbird? Well, if no, then you should start searching about the same since it’s quite necessary. So, basically, it’s a well-known update brought to you by Google.

With its help, those websites that focus on a single niche of content would perform as good as the websites that have write-ups on multiple niches. Those who want to get into SEO should be very specific about the content that they upload online. It has to be an SEO content that would grab every viewer’s attention in no time. Be as much perfect as you can, and maintain the quality that everyone’s expecting from you.

#2: Optimization of titles and meta descriptions is a must:

While googling any kind of keyword, you would have noticed the search results and their physical appearance. Well, there you would also have seen a link and then a couple of sentences. So, there the link is known as the Title tag, and those couple of lines are none other than the meta description. Such content is going to turn up every time you search anything on Google.

Let me explain its importance with the help of an example! If you’re searching some toys for your kids with the phrase ‘kids toys,’ and if you are unable to see this phrase nor in the title neither in the description, why would you even click on it? Yes, that’s true because such content would sound irrelevant to you since you can’t see your preferable keyword in that.

While searching, you wouldn’t have seen even a single description without the presence of your ‘searched phrase’ in it. It’s because Google is always engaged in tracking whatever anyone searches on its search engine. This is done with the help of the keywords mentioned in the meta title and meta descriptions. So, when you are trying out your skills in SEO, you must note that there should be the keyword in your title tag and meta descriptions.

So, here you don’t have to think that all you need to do is including a single keyword ‘kids toys’ for twenty times in your content. This wouldn’t make your content SEO optimized, well, it’s not that easy!

For this, you should put in your keyword into the meta description and title. However, you must also see to it that the keywords are not forcefully added. Instead, it should look appealing and evoke interest in everyone, so that read it. If it’s not easy to read, you must not at all expect any kind of positive response from your user.

#3 Google Search Console’s usage is necessary:

Try to learn about the Google Search Console! That’s an important tool, and you are surely going to love it. Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google, and with its help, you are going to know about the art behind ranking #1 on Google. It might sound ridiculous for you, but trust me, that’s true! All you need to do is just sign up and if you’re already a registered user, then log in. If you aren’t still using it, trust me, you are missing out on a very useful tool.

Well, I can’t force you to use that, but I would just love to recommend it to all SEO experts and the aspirants out there! While using it, you should note that there is a need for some patience since this tool is going to take some time to transmit your data. In it, you will even get access to a screen that would display the whole data regarding your Search Analytics. Apart from that, you would also be able to see the traffic that is generated on your website. Not to forget about its coolest feature that is none other than the details about your most trending article online!

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