Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Institutes in Noida 2024

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Institutes in Noida 2024

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing method. In this program, an affiliate, for example, a blogger or any YouTuber, advertises a business, product, or service and earns a percentage of the revenue from the product’s sale. Generating revenue as an affiliate marketer takes time and skills. Suppose you are trying to make your career in affiliate marketing but still need clarification about where to start. Then this blog by Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute will help you gain the required information. 

List of top 10 Affiliate marketing institutes in Noida 2024

1. Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute 

Pankaj Kumar SEO is one of Delhi’s best and most popular Digital marketing teachers. He is recognized for providing the best and top-quality knowledge about affiliate marketing. Whether you are a college student or a housewife trying to earn some pocket money, Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute will provide adequate knowledge to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Why should I choose Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute among the Affiliate Marketing Institutes in Noida NCR?

  • Get the updated syllabus and lifetime support from the mentor, Pankaj Kumar.
  • Get hands-on practice on live projects during your course.
  • Provides certified certificates that are recognizable by all the corporate and government sectors. 
  • Help with interview preparations by professionals. 

Who can join the Affiliate Marketing Course in Noida at Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute?

  • Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Working professionals 
  • Startup owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners 
  • Local shop owners
  • Housewives
  • Retired individuals
  • Content Creators

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Course in Noida at Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute

Offline Mode:  You can take an affiliate marketing course at the Pankaj Kumar Seo Institute. The institute is located at Kanhaiya Nagar; the nearest metro station is Kanhaiya Nagar. You can choose offline mode if you are more interested in attending the institute. For more details, you can call on: [9311585923]

Online Mode: If you opt for online mode at Pankaj Kumar SEO Institute, you will be taught via Google Meet and Zoom. You don’t have to spend extra hours travelling to the institute.

Eligibility Criteria for an Affiliate Marketing Course in Noida NCR

Affiliate marketing courses are the most demanding career option for students today. Each student is eligible, be a housewife equipped with hands-on knowledge of using a laptop or computer.

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2. Maayodiya

The second best affiliate marketing institute is Maayodiya. The website shows they have been in this market for 15 years. The institute is in Mukherjee Nagar and mainly provides online affiliate marketing classes.


ITTCD is next on the list and has been in the market of affiliate marketing institutes since 2013. Mr. Manish Kumar, a digital marketing trainer, founded the institute. 


DIDM was founded in 2018 and is in 4th position as an affiliate marketing institute in this list. They have highly experienced trainers who have been in this field for more than 15 years.

5. IIM Skills

This institute provides a comprehensive curriculum of 180 hours. The institute emphasizes providing virtual affiliate marketing training. You can opt for weekdays, and they have weekend options as well.

6. Digital Paradise

Digital Paradise has just come up in the market of affiliate marketing institutes but claims to be the #1 digital marketing institute. They provide live projects to work on and gain hands-on experience in affiliate marketing. 


IIDE provides online and offline affiliate marketing training. They also offer live sessions for real-time interactions and hands-on experience. 

8. Delhi Course Academy

The academy offers a vast curriculum of affiliate marketing courses. You can gain hands-on experience on affiliate marketing projects.

9. Digital Scholar Institute

This institute was founded by Sorav Jain in 2019. Sorav Jain is an Instagram influencer who provides certificates to students enrolling in his course.

10. Seven Boats Academy

Founded in 2011, the Seven Boats Academy provides professional affiliate marketing courses. The academy has full-fledged live classes, which makes you the best fit for corporate companies.

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