What is Backlinks in SEO

What is Backlinks in SEO and their Advantages

On mentioning one of the most prominent and commonly used terms in SEO, it is none other than ‘backlink.’ A lot of people who are a newbie in the field of SEO and writing might be witnessing many issues in learning about backlinks. Backlinks are the soul of Search Engine Optimization, and it’s because you cannot see good results of your SEO practices without them.

If you also have issues in knowing and understanding backlinks, you are in the right place. It’s because we have come up with detailed information about what backlinks are and why they are so important for SEO. Apart from that, you will also learn about how to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and boost your website with the same.

On describing the backlinks in a layman’s language, we can say: Backlinks are noted to be the incoming links to any webpage.

Whenever any kind of webpage gets linked to some other page, it is known as a backlink. Backlinks are considered to be the most important and major metric for ranking a website. Any page containing many backlinks is surely going to have a better rank than those that don’t have any backlinks.

What are backlinks?

In the above-mentioned information, we have learned about backlinks in a brief manner. Now, we are going to learn more and get in-depth knowledge about what are backlinks. Backlinks are also known as the inbound links, one-way links, or incoming links.

According to Google and other various search engines, backlinks are the “votes” for a page. Backlinks are the votes received by other websites, and these votes cumulatively give a better organic ranking to a particular web page or website.

Common terms associated with backlinks

While learning and knowing more about backlinks, there are a lot of terms that you shall repeatedly come across. Thus, you should already be aware of the same if you want to get proper knowledge of this term. We have mentioned these common terms below:

  1. Link Juice:

During the event when a webpage gets slinked to the articles or a homepage of any website, it generates a “link juice.” With the help of this link juice, your website’s domain authority is going to improve, leading to a rise in your article’s ranking online. If you want to stop the passing of any link juice, feel free to use a ‘no-follow tag.’

  1. No-Follow Link:

Any link that is accompanied by a ‘no-follow tag’ does not notably pass any link juice. As far as the page’s ranking is concerned, these tags have got no use since they contribute nothing.

  1. Do-Follow Link:

Any do-follow links have got the ability to pass the link juice. Generally, every link that is added to a blog post is known to be the do-follow link.

  1. Low-Quality Links:

Any link that is coming from any unauthorized, automated, spam, or porn sites is known to be a low-quality link. They are known to be harmful, and thus, webmasters avoid getting low-quality links for their website’s SEO.

  1. Linking Root Domains:

Linking Root Domains are considered to be the number of backlinks that are getting connected to your website from any unique domain. Even if there is a backlink coming 10 times from a particular domain, it would be counted as one linking root domain.

  1. Anchor Text:

Any text that serves the purpose of acting as a hyperlink is referred to as the anchor text.Anchor Text is quite helpful in getting good online rankings for your website.

  1. Internal links:

Any link going from one page to another and that too within the same domain is known to be an internal link. This process is also called interlinking.

Advantages of using backlinks in SEO

If you want a quality site, then the usage and existence of backlinks stand quite necessary. Since Google keeps on rolling out its algorithm, backlinking has started witnessing a huge change. Gone are those days when even the low-quality backlinks led to an improvement of a webpage’s ranking.

It is quite important to note that the backlinks you are using are contextual. It means that your backlinks should be similar to your webpage’s links. If your website is based on digital marketing, then links from a pet shop’s website shall serve no use for you. Always take the backlinks from credible and relevant sites for attaining the best results.

Now that you’ve learned about what are backlinks and how they should be used let’s focus on their importance. Read on to know more…

  1. Improving your organic ranking

Backlinks have always served as the best help when it comes to getting better search engine rankings. If your content has already started getting links from the other notable sites, then nothing can stop it from going higher in online rankings. But, if that’s not the case, you need to build up the backlinks.

  1. Getting Referral Traffic

Backlinks provide benefits to a website by providing referral traffic. It is because there are many chances that any person reading a post might also click on the links mentioned in it for knowing more. Since your audience is willingly clicking on the links, we have referred to it as the referral traffic. This kind of traffic is also known to have a lesser bounce rate and is thus known to be quite advantageous.

  1. Rapid Indexing

Once the search engine bots have come across your website, they are surely going to crawl your site in an effective manner. But, they shall only get to know about the presence of your website by following the notable backlinks. So, you need to ensure that your website has got many backlinks so that it becomes identifiable by the search engine bots.

  1. Make your business credible.

If your website has got a good number of backlinks, it is surely going to have the best ranking on various SERPs. The more endorsements facilitated to your websites from other websites, the better would be its ranking. Thus, backlinking has been considered as one of the most important factors that shall build your website’s authority and trust.

  1. Build up online relationships

While you are getting backlinks from other quality websites, you are surely making a healthy online relationship with the other websites. The folks get to know that you are trustworthy and credible enough to give a backlink.

How to get backlinks in SEO?

Now you have learned about what is a backlink and how it is beneficial for your business in the long run. Next, we are going to learn about the art of getting quality backlinks for SEO. There are a few techniques that you should follow, and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Always write engaging content. 

If you want your website to get quality links, then your website should undoubtedly worth it. People want to know the reason why they should provide you backlinks. One of the reasons is none other than presenting them with the finest and awesome articles. The content should be delightful, readable and should have the apt usage of keywords as well.

  1. Guest Blogging is vital

Do you know about guest blogging? Well, it is the most important factor that leads to the attainment of quality backlinks. Guest blogging refers to the process of writing articles/posts on any other website’s page rather than your own. In this case, the blog owner grants you 1-2 free backlinks in exchange for your article for his/her portal.

  1. Take an idea and use the same backlinks as your competitor’s

Yes, your website is new to the market, and thus, if you want it to get higher rankings online, you should replicate your competitor’s backlinks. This is because your competitor would have plenty of backlinks. Also, they might have indulged in link building of their own.

  1. Web directories submissions

Do you know the easiest way to attain backlinks for your websites? Well, it’s none other than submitting your blogs to the notable and very useful web directories. Submitting your blogs to the directories is currently quite popular.

It is quite mandatory to note that you should not go for automatic direct submission techniques. They would not only reduce your domain authority but also showcase your blog as spam online.

  1. Build up the broken links

No one likes broken links, and thus, their presence leads to a poor user experience. Broken links refer to the non-existing webpages on a website. You need to ensure that there are no broken links on your website. Getting rid of these broken links is time-consuming.

Whenever you come across a broken link on your website, you should recreate its content and then communicate with the people to provide links to that recreated webpage.

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