what is Wordpress

What is WordPress

Word Press is a web development tool as well as blogging software. It is a software that controls the content people put on their website. You can create a blog of your choice or passion or you can create an e-commerce website and sell physical products using Word Press.

How does Word Press work?

In the earlier days of the Internet, websites were created using HTML, a programming language that utilizes instructions called tags to format text, page layouts, images, etc. The web browser then reads the HTML code and executes the program as per the instructions. However, today, you can install the Word Press software on your own web browser in a few minutes. You can create your own website or blog using Word Press in very less time and effort.

Industry scope for Word Press

There is a lot of scope for Word Press in today’s world. MNC’s hire web developers, PHP developers, and web designers and the salary package are quite attractive. Today, tens of thousands of pre-designed themes and more than 15,000 plugins available, you can use WordPress to design almost any website for a fraction of the price of developing from scratch. And its open-source format allows WordPress developers to reprogram and customize WordPress to do pretty much anything they want.

Benefits of Word Press:

  • No HTML coding required
  • You have full editing control of your website
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Search Engines like Word Press sites
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