Which is Better, MBA Or Digital Marketing

Which is Better, MBA Or Digital Marketing

MBA has been one of the most desired options for higher education for years now. However, over the past few years, the allure of MBA courses has undoubtedly gone down, going to the students complain of not getting the desired job after graduating with the course. If you consider the difference between digital marketing and MBA, you are on the right page as you will understand which to choose.

Back in 2019, total, the digital advertising industry was around 1.93 billion dollars. As per experts, there will be at least 27.42% in the digital advertising industry. After reading the statistics, you can understand how potent the digital marketing industry is. It can completely transform our lives and create competent entrepreneurs and experts who can make one of the best rewarding careers in Indian digital marketing. Social media also has a considerable share of advertising expenditure, around 28%. It is then followed by paid media display media and online video. As you might have decided somewhere to start the digital marketing course, then you need to look no further as abstract is your go-to option.

Additionally, the future of digital marketing in India is bright, and the reasons are given here.

Move from the typical marketing

The vast digital channels have led to the people’s interest and intrigue. Due to this, we find most of the consumers today online. As the digital space offers various options and information on the product, consumers have gradually moved from typical marketing forms. Additionally, the easy accessibility of digital media information has also further defeated the consumers. Whenever you are looking for some information, the first thing you would think of is the web. The web offers answers to all queries, doubts, and questions. The interesting character of digital channels has helped consumers switch from typical to digital marketing.

Number of digital businesses and start-ups

As prospective consumers are found easily online, it has given rise to several start-ups on the online platform. India has also witnessed a massive surge in the number of entrepreneurs who have chosen to move from the regular jobs and started the business of providing value to the targeted consumers in the past few years.

The government initiative of digital India

The Indian government has also propagated going digital for the betterment of society as a whole thing. The easy transactions and the stress-free method of buying and selling products through the digital medium have made it quite popular. The government initiative has propelled consumers and the business houses at the same time to move to digital methods of carrying out the marketing process entirely online, and it also helps in gaining information besides helping the customers buy products and the business owners to make the sales.

Global exposure and reach

The digital world is undoubtedly an encompassing medium. It means that the global visibility reach and digital marketing exposure are better than the typical business. Today you do not have to be stuck in any place due to geographical location to carry out the company as the digital world opens opportunities for you to any part of the world.

Digital expansion in remote areas

As the government has initiated digital marketing, there has been an effort to improve the plan of going digital in the remote areas in towns for people to make the most of the digital medium.

Better return on investment 

It takes a lot of time to reach a break-even point in any typical marketing business, while when you choose digital marketing, the returns on investment are higher and easier to achieve. In addition, the digital marketing campaigns’ proper planning and strategy can yield better results with a low cost of acquisition. Today, entrepreneurs have understood the advantage of taking and starting a business in the web space.

Reasons to choose a digital marketing course.

The digital marketing course from the abstract allows students to get several work opportunities and excellent returns on investment. It includes a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing and other marketing elements that helps students become complete leaders and marketeers to make correct decisions that are beneficial for the company or the organization they are working for.

One of the significant issues with MBA courses is that the courses have reached a stagnancy point where the curriculum is followed the same year after year. Several repetitive MBA schools teach case studies from the 1990s while we are in 2022, on the brink of a significant digital transformation. There hasn’t been much change in the marketing and business administration scenario. Still, there is a massive gap between skills and education besides implementing successful marketing and business administration policies.

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the future of marketing. All the companies today look forward to having a positive digital presence. Some companies also move away from the typical marketing form to focus on the digital aspect and how that can help them flourish in the market.


Digital marketing courses are relatively cost-effective as compared to MBA courses. If we do not pass a top Business School, then education indeed does not have a lot of value. Enrolling in a top MBA school requires you to inquire about a lot of expenses other than education. The leading online digital marketing course providers have cost-effective fees, and you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to study. Digital marketing is undoubtedly a nontechnical course and has minimum technical modules like web analytics or website performance measurement.

Easy to learn

It is pretty convenient to learn digital marketing, and you can start gaining education after you pass the higher secondary examination. You just need to have an interest in the online domain. The courses are also not long duration, so you can start working once the courses are complete.

Though MBA digital marketing can provide you with impressive careers, digital marketing is a much-in-demand skill set today and offers fantastic opportunities in almost all industries. Digital marketing courses are short and more job-driven than an MBA course. A digital marketeer also has a wide variety of career choices like freelancing, blogging, influencer marketing, or starting a business.


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