benefits of Facebook marketing

Why you should understand all the benefits of Facebook marketing?

Facebook is the social network par excellence. It touches the two billion users worldwide. Of them, 55% use social networks daily. In addition, we cannot forget that Facebook owns two other giants – WhatsApp and Instagram. Can you imagine how it will be beneficial for your business? Therefore, if you still don’t know the benefits of Facebook marketing, you must read this article once.


As already said, Facebook currently has more than two billion users worldwide. Before opening a Facebook profile for your company, you must take into account the type of audience that you will find in this social network, and how they interact with brands. This is the first advantage among the several benefits of Facebook marketing.


This is one of the greatest benefits of Facebook marketing. The social network allows you to segment according to age, sentimental situation, geographic location, interests, language, etc. With this, you can show your publications to who you really want to target. It is a way to personalize the information.

Recommendation Marketing

Few companies link off-line marketing with their online campaigns. With all the benefits of Facebook marketing, it’s easier to get likes and interactions from people who already know your products or services than from someone who doesn’t know your brand.

User Interaction

Among other benefits of Facebook marketing, user interaction stands as important as social media statistics. Facebook is a network that allows you to be in continuous contact with users. If they like the content, users will participate in your fan page. It is very important to encourage participation since it is one of the aspects that Facebook values. The more comments like, and shared content, the easier it is for you to appear on the wall of your fans.

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