How the search engine of Google Works?

How the Search Engine of Google Works?

We all rely on Google to search for different websites as per our needs. But, did you ever wonder how Google finds out the data of millions of websites available in it? How it actually works? Google is a website, and we head over to Google to search the websites. But Google does not consist of all the websites available on the internet.

If you develop a new website today, it will take 4 to 5 days for Google in order to crawl it and store it in its database. In order to capture and store crawl the websites, Google has to run its codes and algorithms to identify each website. Google visits and crawls each website one by one, so the websites that are crawled by Google will be the once that we are going to witness in the search result page.

The websites do not automatically invade into the database of search engines. It takes a few efforts to let Google recognize our website. Google has made particular programs and algorithms to list the websites in its database. Google has discovered a program ‘Spider,’ which is responsible for identifying or spying all of the data inside the website. You may have to invite the crawlers of Google to get your website identified or recognized by Google.

The spider will also check all of the hyperlinks situated on your website and even the crawls the website which you have linked. The spider which is also known as the crawler will be regularly checking your websites in order to update the changes that you made in your website. The spider will examine the title, meta description, meta tags, image alt text, and so much more to store all of the data in the database, which will help you be recognized by Google.

The database of Google has reached an infinite amount, and the company has a massive amount of serves situated at their place. These servers consist of all of the links and data of crawled websites. Now talking about how Google search result page works, it has its own algorithm and rules. Suppose we are searching PPC Course in Delhi, you will be able to see Mr. Pankaj Kumar SEO Expert.

Google will begin its process of showing the search result by examining the keyword “PPC Course in Delhi”. Google will be only presenting the website’s first page, which has the exact keyword in their title and meta description. Therefore it is extremely important to edit title and description in a proper manner to let Google know about the content.

In order to identify the relevancy of the websites, Google will be examining the websites by determining if the keyword in the content matches the target keyword or not. There are vast process and tactics implemented by Google to identify and list the most relevant websites in the top 10 positions.

There are numerous factors that Google considers in order to proffer the ranking to the deserving websites. It will observe and understand the page authority and domain authority of the website in order to maintain the quality standards. It will also be considering the back-linking quality and age of the website while listing the websites in the top pages.

It is very crucial to understand these factors if you wish to drive the traffic on your website. There plenty of factors which interrupt the stability of your website and on the search result page, which also includes CTR. It stands of click-through rate. Suppose if you search SEO Couse Delhi, then again, you will be able to see Mr. Pankaj Kumar SEO on the top.

If you select a particular website which is placed in the middle of the search result page again and again then will be thinking that a particular website consists of something special. Even if you search SMO Course Delhi  you will witness the website of Mr. Pankaj Kumar that is Let’s take this example if you click on this website and straight always close the windows and repeat the same process for 4 or 5 days, you will be able to see a slight change in the rank of your website.

Whereas if you open the same website and go back without engaging in the website, it will leave a negative impact on the website which will result in a declination of rank. This algorithm of Google shows that it does not seek money from any of the website in order to uplift the rank. Google keeps complete transparency among its users by keeping everything sorted and clear.

Now you must be wondering why is Google doing all for free without any cost? Google tales out all of its expenses with the help of Google Adwords. In this program, people have to pay Google for the promotional ad campaign.

People can bid on their targeted keywords by spending the amount, Google earns a whole lot of money by its program called Google Adwords and hence it is possible for Google to keep the massive amount of servers and show the search result page in absolutely free.

It seems like the spiders of Google are only waiting for people to develop new sites. Once you create a site, the spiders will jump over to your website instantly and stores all of its data inside its database. These spiders have covered whole of the internet by its coding or algorithms just like an actual spider creates a trap.

You can even stop these spiders from crawling your website by making placing the index of robots.txt on the source code page. You can allow or disallow these spiders, and they will never get to know about your website. If you were wondering, Google works like a God, and it is impossible to figure for one to learn how it works, then you are wrong. Google is just a website, and you can also create your search engine by implementing the same tactics and methodologies.

Nowadays, Google has become more advanced, and it is trying not to let the visitors not to head over any website. Instead of that, it is trying to show all of the information in the very top of the page. So that people don’t have to click and visit any other website. This feature of Google let the people know about desired information within seconds which saves loads of our time.

For example if you search the particular website of digital marketing, it will straight away show you the local listing of Mr. Pankaj Kumar website’s Another example, if you search for the height of any celebrity, you will no longer have to jump inside in any website. Google will show you the height of a particular celebrity in the very first section of the search result page. Google is getting smarter day after day and it won’t let the users to click on any other website.

Final Verdict

Initially, we used to command and use Google. Nowadays Google is ruling our lives. Google knows everything about us, whether it’s our location, Google pays info, interests and so much more. Google knows everything about you which helps you get your work done with more ease and speed. With that being said, hope you have understood how Google works.

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