What is Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel strategy which is aimed at reaching the target audience on their smartphones, tablets and any other mobile devices.

There are different types of mobile marketing as mentioned below:

SMS Marketing- which is the most common marketing method in every part of the world.

Multimedia Messaging system- This type of marketing is more attractive as it provides audios and videos and keeps the user more interested in the product.

Application-based marketing- People nowadays use more application-based marketing like the usage of mobile devices has increased drastically.

In-game mobile marketing

This refers to an ad that appears when a user is playing a game. These can be any multiplayer games, 3d games or any other games.

Industry scope for mobile marketing

With the increasing use of mobile devices, mobile marketing is increasing at a rate of 30% while other industries are struggling at 5-10%. Even the government is using mobile devices for election campaigns and other policies.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

The biggest benefit of mobile marketing is it is done in real-time.
It is a two-way communication and is fast and instant
It costs low to the ad on mobile devices and it reaches the right audience.
Accurate analysis as it provides exact data on the number of people watching your ad.

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