what is google analytics

What is Google Analytics

When you have done all the hard work of SEO and SMO, you expect traffic on your webpages. Here is what Google Analytics comes into play. It tracks the traffic on your website and reports the same to you. You can track the actual number of people visiting your webpage at a given time.

Google Analytics in detail

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools over the internet to track how your WebPages are doing. It also helps to gather usage data from IOS and android apps, which is known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Users can track the landing page quality and conversions or sales.

Industry scope of Google Analytics

There is a lot of scope of Google Analytics as, In today’s world, every business is based on data analysis. Every company depends on data to take further decisions. Every company wants their graph to go up and they wish to make maximum profit. Exact data eliminates the guesswork and companies can work in the right direction. So, the scope in the industry for Google Analytics is enormous.

Benefits of Google Analytics

• It helps you to target the right set of audience
• Provides custom reports and analysis
• It helps to evaluate traffic flow on your website
• It’s free to use
• It gives your exact data for further planning
• It’s easy to set up and does not need maintenance.

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