what is smo

What is SMO

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the process of using all social media channels to promote your product online and increasing the awareness of your product to the maximum audience. It includes using RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, blogging sites and social media sites.

It’s purpose

Social Media Optimization is done to improve product branding, brand visibility and generate traffic. Like SEO, SMO also helps in increasing traffic to our webpage. Both SMO and SEO should be done together for the best results.

Industry scope for SMO

SMO is really in demand as it is a plan to use social media to sell your product and reach maximum customers. There are many jobs related to SMO like social media manager or marketing manager. There are great career opportunities ahead in this regard.

Benefits of SMO

• It increases traffic to your website
• It increases your social media presence
• It increases your brand awareness and improves your sales
• It is really useful in any kind of business.

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